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The MegaJacket Men's Jacket

The MegaJacket Men's Jacket

The MegaJacket Men's Jacket

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Inspired by classic Mega Man, Capcom and Volante Design team up to bring you The MegaJacket. The latest in our line of Capcom Store exclusives, the MegaJacket sports accents that evoke classic Mega Man while maintaining a stylish silhouette perfect for everyday wear. Sturdy, comfortable and commanding, the MegaJacket is sure to become a favorite.

This is a limited release and will be produced based on pre-orders. The men's cut pre-order minimum is 200 units.
If we don't reach the minimum the project and all pending orders will be canceled. So, tell all your friends and be sure to reserve your MegaJacket by March 31st.

200+ out of 200 preordered

Pre-order period has ended. Release Date: July 23rd

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The MegaJacket Men's Jacket
Capcom Store Exclusive
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fully lined with soft, breathable and sturdy cotton herringbone chambray
  • Shell made from heavy duty 12 oz denim, built for durability and longevity
  • Inner collar made from soft cotton knit, protecting the wearer's skin from the hood zipper
  • Body-fitting tailoring
  • Removable zip-off cowl-style hood with details inspired by Mega Man's crest and ear cups
  • Yellow zipper on left arm inspired by Mega Buster power gauge
Measurement Guide (Men’s):
XS - Chest 37 in. Waist 31 in. Hip 34.5 in.
S - Chest 39 in. Waist 33 in. Hip 36.5 in.
M - Chest 41 in. Waist 35 in. Hip 38 in.
L - Chest 43 in. Waist 37 in. Hip 40 in.
XL - Chest 45 in. Waist 40 in. Hip 42 in.
2XL - Chest 47 in. Waist 42 in. Hip 44 in.